VAIL OIL / Coconut Oil: 

Vail Oil is the simplest, smartest, and most effective way to rescue, restore and replenish your skin and all of your topical hydration needs. The best part is; there is only ONE ingredient and it only takes ONE step; to clean, hydrate and rejuvenate.  

This 100% unrefined Extra Virgin Coconut Oil is the one and only product you need to hydrate your skin and protect it from infection and ultraviolet radiation. This miracle oil supports your skins natural chemical balance and reduces symptoms associated with topical ailments. It softens your skin by relieving dryness and flakiness. Daily use will help prevent premature wrinkles, sagging and aging skin spots. Best of all, this one ingredient has no harmful or discomforting side effects and is completely non-toxic.  

Who would have guessed cosmetic care could be so simple?  

USE: Gently apply to any and all topical surfaces to clean, protect, restore and rejuvenate.  

INGREDIENTS: 100% Organic Unrefined Extra Virgin Coconut Oil 

Our product is 100% Unrefined Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil. This all natural Miracle gift of Mother Nature is made available to you through Vail Company Cosmetics!

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